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Re-Imagine Your Town/ Artist profiles

Becalelis Brodskis – Creative Producer & workshop facilitator
Once a travelling stone carver until his suitcase got too heavy, Bec began to produce films, run experimental studios and teach. He initiated  InterAnima CIC to  make a few more dreams possible. InterAnima CIC is now  a collective of interdisciplinary artists, teachers and creative managers. We breath life into the stories that need to be told and co-create community led projects in collaboration with other organisations.

Bec will be Fascilitating the following workshops and drop-ins:
Sound Mapping Penryn
Co creating Re-Imagine Your Town
Spot yourself at the Penryn 750 fair day

Mini Disco

Ruth Pethybridge and Maria Christoforidou  – Artists &  workshop facilitators
Ruth Pethybridge and Maria Christoforidou, local dancer and curator, love to eat cake and converse about the boundaries between performance and social gathering. Both bring a wealth of experience in participatory art and dance to make the Conversation Café a unique experience.

Ruth and Maria will be running the following workshops:
Now and Then (The Other Penryn)
Conversation Café

Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti – Artists & workshop facilitators
Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti are artists and performance makers who create participatory projects that explore the interrelationships between people and places. Working at the intersection between architecture, community and performance, their collaborative practice invites audiences to investigate their own relationships with the places in which they live, work and play.

Katie and Simon will be leading the following walks and talks:
Round the Public Houses:  Past / Present (Walking)
Round the Public Houses:  Present / Future (Talking)

Megan Beck – Artist & Co Curator
Megan Beck is an artist, designer and teacher. She runs Make-Room, initiating and realising projects in the public realm inspired by, responding to and engaging with people and place. Megan collaborates with other artists, architects, designers and the local community to create opportunities for participation, celebration and learning.

Megan will be leading the:
Contemporary Audit of Penryn Town Centre

Molly Allam Keep – Artists & workshop facilitators
Before moving to Cornwall Molly worked in Mexico for an international arts organisation, running creative workshops with community groups and organising expeditions on both Mexican rivers and Scottish seas. Since living in Penryn she has worked for Hands Up, a local campaign to facilitate conversation and improve access for the community.

Molly will be running the following drop-in workshops:
Community Flag Making (Drop in)

Moon Gray – Lead Games Developer


Growing  up Moonl earned how to create and mix music which led to managing a radio station. With  a wide range of expereinces  from geting involved in  public events, festivals and a 12-piece Funk band. Later in life he decided to go to University to develop a passion for  interactive technologies and gaming. He  work on a variety of projects now focusing on VR and emergent connected technologies

Tom Williams – IT and 3D modeling 

Studied as a sculptor at Falmouth College of Arts before launching into the IT world, giving him a unique perspective on computer assisted art. Along side working with InterAnima on Re-Imagine Your Town, he runs an IT repair and consultancy business, and a computer games design and publication studio in Totnes.

Tom  will also be demonstrating 3D printing at the Re-imagine Workshop as well as  creating the machines we work on and developing the Re-imagined landscapes as the project progresses 
Community Flag Making (Drop in)

Johnny Pope- 3D modeling 


Johnny is a digital media expert with over 20 years’ industry experience across a wide range of platforms and technologies. Johnny has led projects for a wide selection of industry leaders including London direct marketing Agency HH&S. He is currently working on projects involving Virtual Reality and 3D Projection Mapping

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