Participatory Mapping

Inviting residents to co-create a map of ideas. Stories of the past, observations of the present and visions for the future of their town.

The digital map began as a 3D, scaled representation of Penryn but without any architectural features. Outcomes from the different workshops were then integrated, according to location, into the map

We also used more traditional methods, using a giant Ordnance Survey map covering a whole wall, inviting residents to pin their memories of the past, observations of now and ideas for the future.

We have now made it possible to insert flags/comments into the CGI map. Some people still prefer the physicality of the flag pins and the threads that run across the map to their contributions.

Cynthia mapping her memories using different interfaces.

Collaboration with education

Cambourne HND Games Design students use the project as a live brief. Every year referencing real  houses  in the Town, adding new models to the map

Using game engine technology so the map can be played

The map being viewed in Virtual Reality

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