October Pop up Re-imagine Your Town Studio

Interanima invites you to co-create a 3D map of Penryn linking the real and the virtual, the remembered and the dreamt of, to re-imagine Penryn and engage in the past, present and future of the town.

Drop In 

Pop up Community Studio
70 Lower Market Street

Opening times:

Wed 12th October – Saturday 29th October 2016

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10:30 to 13:30 15:00 to  6pm

Additional evening opening Thursday 19:00 to 21:00

Workshops and events every week

For workshop and events see paworkshop page  for details

This October InterAnima CIC is launching the Re-Imagine Your Town Pilot in Penryn .

Turning a vacant shop in the heart of Penryn into a Pop up interdisciplinary community media studio, residents will begin to create an interactive map of their town’s past, present and future .

Local professional artists already active within the community supported by a team of  digital experts will facilitate the residents of all ages and community groups to begin the archive . Out of this archive will emerge a 3D interactive map in virtual reality

Interanima CIC has already built a 3D CGI replica of the landscape removing all buildings apart from the town hall. This recognisable yet ghostly virtual reality leaves residents, who’ve seen it, with the desire to populate it.

Over October we will be hosting Workshops, events for all ages and shared conversations over tea and cake . Residents contributions relating to Penryn’s rich heritage, observations of now and ideas for it’s future will begin. Real and imagined ideas, memories and visions shape an emerging landscape of “re-imagining”. A virtual space that becomes both a 3D interactive map and an interactive archive of a town’s past, present and potential future.