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An archive of some of the workshops that ran over the month of the Re-imagine Your Town Pilot


Now and Then (The Other Penryn)
Thursday 13th October 
3-5:30pm / 6-8:30pm

Led by Maria Christoforidou

A playful collage and drawing session that explores the geography and stories of Penryn. Mixing fact and fiction, we will be adding our ideas to new and old photographs of the town. The workshop asks: “Is there another Penryn that could exist if the past was different?”

Suitable for all ages
Please email us to book for this workshop

Round the Public Houses: Exploring Penryn’s Social Hubs Past, Present and Future
Saturday 15th October / Wednesday 19th October

Led by Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti

Saturday 15th October, 2:30pm – 5pm
With special guest Chaz Wenmoth!
Past / Present (Walking)
Meeting at Yellow House, Penryn, and then walking around the locality. Please bring weatherproof clothing, comfortable shoes, and notebook or camera.

Wednesday 19th October, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Present / Future (Talking)
Meeting at Seven Stars, Penryn. Please bring notebook or camera.

These two events invite you to think creatively about the landscape of Penryn through focusing on places of social gathering, (hi)story telling, entertainment and exchange. On foot and in the pub, we’ll be mapping Penryn’s lost public houses and identifying future visions of social spaces in 50 years time. If you are passionate about your local pub or social space, interested in beer and the revival in brewing local real ale, or fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of the town and the role that Penryn’s pubs and inns continue to play in it, these events are for you.

Recommended age 16+
Please email us to book for 1 or both events.

Cake and Conversation
Saturday 22nd October
10:30am – 12:30pm & 3-5pm

An informal Time to talk , have our cake and eat it!

Sound Mapping Penryn
Wednesday 26th October
10:30am – 1:30pm / 3-6pm

Led by Becalelis Brodskis

Create a sound map of Penryn that you can hear whilst wandering around the town. We will be using the Penryn Museum’s  sound archive of past memories, your own new recordings of now and learning how to use QR coding technology.

Suitable for all ages from 5+
Please email us to book for this workshop

Community Flag Making
Saturday 15th October, 10.30am-1.30pm
Wednesday 19th October, 3-6pm
Wednesday 26th October, 10.30am-1.30pm / 3-6pm
Saturday 29th October, 10.30am-1.30pm

Led by Molly Allam Keep

If you could send a message to your town, what would it be?  Is there a memory or idea you have that relates to a specific spot in Penryn? Drop in to and decorate a flag  with your message or memory to then be placed around town identifying its specific location.

Suitable for all ages
No need to book

Hands Up Permarin Park Re-imagining
Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th October
10.30am-1.30pm / 3-6pm

Led by Hands Up Penryn & InteAnima CIC

This week is all about Permarin Park. Join in for three days of workshops exploring ‘what Permarin Park could be’.

Suitable for all ages
No need to book

Hands Up Permarin Park Brunch
Saturday 29th October

Led by Hands Up Penryn  &  InteAnima CIC

Call in for brunch to see the results of three days of workshops exploring ‘what Permarin Park could be’.

Suitable for all ages
No need to book


cropped-cropped-town-hall-front-on.jpgCo creating Re-Imagine Your Town
Wednesdays – Fridays
10:30am -12:30pm / 3-6pm

Led by Becalelis Brodskis

A 3D digital replica of Penryn has been created. A virtual reality but with buildings taken off. A landscape waiting for you to map on to it your memories, your observations of now and your visions for the future. A map of your Penryn created by all of us.

Spot yourself at the Penryn 750 fair day
Wednesdays – Fridays
10:30am -12:30pm / 3-6pm

Led by Becalelis Brodskis

InterAnima has been given a film of the Penryn 750 Fair day to restore. Are you in it or do you know some one who is? Drop in and tell us about the day or the person you know who was there but may have moved on. We will then create a new film about then and now.

Contemporary Audit of Penryn Town Centre
Friday 14th October, 3-6pm
Wednesday 19th October, 10:30am – 1:30pm
Friday 28th October, 10:30 – 1:30pm

A creative, contemporary photographic audit will map aspects of the physical environment of Penryn Town Centre in its 800th year. Assist local resident Megan Beck in compiling visual information about Penryn in 2016 by suggesting what you think should be photographed.

3D Printing
Thursday 27th October
10:30am – 1:30pm / 3-6pm /

Led by Tom williams

An demonstration of buildings and other re-imagined content in the Re-imagine landscape of Penryn being printed on a 3D printer. Suitable for all ages from 5+
This is a drop in event. Please email us for more information

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